Dial serves the whole of the Rochdale Borough , notwithstanding the name Middleton Dial. Over recent years our major function has been the loan of wheelchairs.

In the past there was a wider range of activities, particularly with regard to benefits. We are looking to develop more activities which will support or benefit disabled people. Keep an eye out for new things…

Wheelchair loan.

You may be waiting for a wheelchair after leaving hospital, or your Doctor has ordered one and there is a wait. Whatever, if you are a resident of Rochdale MBC we will loan you a wheelchair for up to 4 weeks, and this can be extended if you need it for longer. Just phone.

We have to get money in to  keep the service going, we ask for a donation and are looking for £1 per day. If the suggested donation will cause hardship tell us and we will do our best to help.

The person collecting the wheelchair should provide two proofs of identity including name and address, and the chair is that persons responsibility.

We do not have the facilities to deliver.


While you are in ask us if you think you might need more help. You may be eligible for DLA or Local Authority support.

Help with forms.

We can supply

  • Radar keys at £2.50-giving access to disabled toilets
  • Personal alarms at £5, just in case.
  • Road Atlas for disabled people £4.50